Tux Paint
Turns 10!

Girls using Tux Paint
Source: 5 Minutes for Mom

In June 2002, a friend lamented the fact that there was no kid-friendly paint program for Linux. A few days later, Tux Paint was born!

10 years later, with help from over 300 contributors around the globe, Tux Paint speaks almost 100 languages, runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more, and has been downloaded tens of millions of times.

Boy using Tux Paint
Source: Spirit Lake Elementary Art

Schools, libraries and museums around the world use Tux Paint, where it helps students and other children (and adults!) to learn computer skills and art concepts, and to be creative.

Tux Paint is free, and you can download it right now! And to celebrate our 10th birthday, we're holding a contest, open to kids ages 3-12 years. How do think Tux the penguin should celebrate? Make a drawing with Tux Paint — the winning picture will appear on the tuxpaint.org website!

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