Tux Paint
10th Birthday
Drawing Contest

June 2012 marked the 10th birthday of Tux Paint, and to celebrate we held a drawing contest for kids ages 3-12 years. The winning drawing will be exhibited on the Tux Paint website's front page for the remainder of June!


"Tux Paint, te quiero"
("Tux Paint, I love you")

by Laura D.
10 years old, Argentina

"It was very tough picking my favorite. Below I marked a few more that I really liked, as "runners-up". Hearing how much kids love Tux Paint, and seeing that love in the form of birthday wishes to a little cartoon penguin and his paint program, nearly brought tears to my eyes. Thank-you to everyone who participated!

My two favorite things about this picture are the cute cartoon Tux relaxing in the grass, and the penguin balloon made out of smaller balloons."

— Bill Kendrick, lead developer of Tux Paint

All Entries

(In the order they were received)

"Raduga" ("Rainbow")
Liza B., 3 years 8 months, Russia

Maiya Y., 11 years, Sri Lanka

"Tux Party"
Angie P., 11 years, Greece

"Penguin's Celebration"
Andrejka C., 5 years, Slovakia

"Wishing you the best Tux Paint"
Athina S., 9 years, Greece

"Rosie's present for TuxPaint's 10th Birthday"
Rosie L., 6 years 9 months, New Zealand

"Party Animals"
Allysa V., 10 years, Philippines

"Muchos relojes funcionando a la veza" ("A lot of clocks working at the same time")
Ines D., 6 years, Spain

"Happy Birthday Tux Paint"
Grace J-S, 8 years, USA

Christina Q., 9 years, USA

"Epic Tux Paint Celebration"
Thomas B., 11 years, USA

"Tux Cake"
Ashley M., 11 years, USA

"B'day Cat!"
Sarah R., 8 years, Malaysia

"Tux Birthday"
Walter C., 7 years, USA

Ethan, 7 years, Philippines

Micheray, 6 years, Philippines

"Tux Paint, te quiero" ("Tux Paint, I love you")
Laura D., 10 years, Argentina

"Tux Celebration"
Joanna A., 10 years, Canada
"This is what a Birthday Looks Like"
Kelsey M., 8 years, USA