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Art Gallery — Scenes

This page showcases fantastic artwork made in Tux Paint by both children and adults.
(Images shared with permission from the artists. Send us yours and we'll consider adding them.)

Untitled (spooky picture)
By Miyagi Andel (@Miyagi_Andel)

By Parag Chaukulkar

Untilted (moon over water)
By Ulyana

By Jexi

Eiffel Tower
By Igor

Dragon Over the Castle
By Arseniy

Kittens Near the House
By Irina

By Nastya

For Nana
By Annie

La Barca Dell'amore
By Aurora

Untitled (Beach)
By Debra Fairchild

By mimi

Rising Sun
By mimi

Setting Sun
By mimi

Rainbow Tree
By Gabriele

By Nivard

Ship Under Moon
By Niharika

The River
By Inuka

By Rudoplh

By Tanishq Singh

By Fatima

Untitled (Beach Scene)
By Radhika

La Playa
By Mama De Ely

Clean India, Green India
By Charvi

Happy Holidays
By Charvi

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
By Charvi

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Did you know? Adults enjoy Tux Paint, too!

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